EDM Blocks

Eroding blocks with guaranteed vertical fiber direction
Vacuum hardened for best toughness and tool life. Hardening temperature 1050 ˚C, tempered twice after quenching at 575 ˚C to an optimal hardness of 57-59 HRC. The heat treatment enables a later PVD coating or nitriding treatment without any problems.

Execution and tolerance

  • Width: fine milled + 0,5/ -0 mm
  • Length: fine milled + 0,5/ -0 mm
  • Thickness: polished + 0,5/ -0 mm

Erodier-Blöcke TENASTEEL

Price per piece including surcharges. VAT not included.

Discontinued article. Available only while stocks last.
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Cold work tool steel of optimal toughness and best compressive strength

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