PräziPlan - Hardened Plates

Finished hardened plates for faster tool or machine part production

Contemporary machining methods such as hard milling and drilling, as well as waterjet cutting, offer a time and cost-saving approach by using hardened standard semi-finished products. For over 50 years, we have been manufacturing precision flat steel. PräziPlan - hardened plates are the logical evolution of this product. Why buy unhardened precision flat steel, preprocess it, send it for external hardening, and then re-machine it for final processing? Why accept increased tolerances and the risk of distortion or even cracks? With PräziPlan - hardened plates, you can achieve faster and, above all, safer results.

We can also produce custom formats promptly from readily available hardened sheets in stock. We offer the most extensive range of materials and dimensions:

  • Hardox 600, a particularly cost-effective solution for pressure and intermediate plates, as well as wear-critical applications, additionally available in the uniquely large format of 500 x 1,000 mm
  • 1.2842 for standard applications in tool and fixture construction
  • 1.2379 for cutting, punching, and bending tools with high cutting durability

Available for the following grades:

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