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1.7131 (16 Mn Cr 5)

AISI 5115, BS 527 A 19, AFNOR 16 MC 5

Chemical composition % C Si Mn Cr Mo Ni V
0.16 0.22 1.12 0.99 0.02 0.12 0.01

Case-hardening steel for the manufacture of highly stressed and wear resistant components of all kinds.

This material is obtained from us as a raw material (round and flat), as VarioPlan with fine machined thickness as well as a semi-finished product to your specifications.

TTT diagram for continuous cool down

Austenitisation temperature: 870°C
Dwell time: 10 minutes

Hardness in HV
2...72 Microstructure components in %
0.0059...20.5 Cool down parameters, i.e cooling duration from 800 to 500°C
in seconds x 10 (power -2)


Microstructure mass diagram
——Water cooling
------- Oil cooling
– • – Air cooling
1... Work piece edge
2... Work piece centre
3... Jominy sample: distance from front face


Isothermic TTT diagram

Austenitisation temperature: 870°C
Dwell time: 10 minutes


End quench test
Hardening temperature: 870°C


Obtainable as the following products:



1.7131 5115/527 A 19

Case hardening steel for the production of high-strength and components resistant to wear of all types