Raw Material Toolox44

Full plates or blanks cut from plate
Tempered to 45HRC, plate surface blasted

Rolled plate in accordance with "Schedule of dimensions and tolerances for heavy tool steel plate from SSAB Plate" forged bars to DIN 7527.

Thickness [mm]
8 9,5 11,5 14 18 22 28 35 40 43
50 53 60 66 80 84 104 120 130

TOOLOX® 44 in SM 140 execution

SM 140 is inspected and tested exactly as Toolox® 44 and has the same properties but in the centre of the plate, approximately 5% of the actual thickness, it can be that the polishing characteristics are inadequate for the highest level of requirements. The reason for this constraint is a higher risk of pores in the centre.

SM 140
Thickness [mm]
140 150 165
  • We saw blanks to your specifications.
  • Can be supplied pre-worked as VarioPlan .

Our wide range of round material products is obtained from us as VarioRond.

Send us your raw material requirements per eMail.

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Toolox44® is the only tool steel worldwide that is already hardened ex works to 45 HRc

Raw Material

Available as pre-cut parts or standard sizes on request

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