1.2311 P 20

1.2311 40 CrMnMo 7

Plastic mould steel for medium and large moulds. Because this material is supplied pre-tempered to 950 - 1,150 N/mm², it is likewise suitable for general machine building components. By comparison, 1.2312 is easier to machine due to the sulphur content but does not polish. 1.2311 can be polished and photo-etched. Both materials can be gas and bath nitrided.

This material is obtained from us as precision flat steel, as VarioPlan and VarioRond, as P-plate and also as a semi-finished product to your specification.

We recommend Toolox 33, the modern material alternative for 25% better machining performance against 1.2312.


1.2311 P 20

Plastic mould steel for medium-sized and large moulds

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