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Tradition in steel

master craftsman diploma
Georg Valentin Recknagel's master craftsman's diploma from 1859 recognises him as a master nail smith.
Old parents
The chisels and plane blades made by the Issel family in Bergisch Land were finely worked in the water-driven grinding cottages before the First World War.

As far back as the 18th century, our forefathers were smithing steel and producing nails, chisels and plane blades as the name Recknagel also signifies. What started then in Thuringia and in Bergisch Land was to continue into the 20th century with the present-day company Recknagel.

As early as 1968, Kurt Recknagel and Harry Möller founded the company Möller + Recknagel in Solingen – one of the first manufacturers in Germany to produce precision flat steel. The production program soon expanded to include hardened guideways. Steady growth prompted the move in 1974 to the new company site in Hückeswagen. Comprehensive investments have made Recknagel Präzisionsstahl GmbH one of the most eminent manufactures of precision guideways in Germany.

Today, tool steels are machined and processed at two independent companies in two locations. The aim of relieving our customers of the spadework has led to very successful product innovations such as VarioPlan, VarioRond, VarioDuct and EcoPlan.

In so doing we have remained true to our roots. In Thuringia, where earlier ore mining, smelting and ironmongery then later weapons manufacture and toolmaking brought the people work and modest prosperity, we founded another company in 1991:
Gebrüder Recknagel Präzisionsstahl GmbH, Christes.

To take an active part in the development and restructuring of the industry in Central Germany, to give the people work and to set ourselves the exciting task, with the help of the diligence and expertise of the Thuringia people, of shaping a newly emerging market was and is a self-evident company objective.

Today, in Christes, we have 5,300 m² of production area at our disposal for our high-performance CNC milling, sawing and grinding machines and a comprehensive semifinished materials warehouse.

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