Steel Glossary
1.2343ESU H 11/BH 11 ESR

Hot work steel for the production of highly stressed hot work tools, warm forging tools, die-casting tools, hot shear blades, and forming dies.

You can obtain 1.2343 ESU as VarioPlan and EcoPlan.

Tempering Diagram

Hardening temperature: 1020°C, Cross-Sectional Sample: Square 50 mm

Tempering Diagramm - 1.2343
Heat Treatment Schedule
Heat treatment Schedule - 1.2343
Continuous Cooling Transformation Diagram

Austenitization Temperature: 1080°C, Holding Time: 15 Minutes

CCT Diagramm - 1.2343
Microstructure Phase Diagram
Microstructure Phase Diagramm - 1.2343
High-Temperature Strength Diagram
High Temperature Strength Diagramm - 1.2343
Isothermal Time-Temperature-Transformation Diagram

Austenitization Temperature: 1030°C, Holding Time: 15 Minutes

Isothermal TTT Diagram - 1.2343
Material info


1.2343ESU H 11/BH 11 ESR

Hot working steel, particularly suitable for polish and etching structure

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