CNC Cutting

3 CNC Panel Saws Kasto and Danobat

Cutting Lengths: up to 1,250 × 4,800 mm

1 Block Saw Kasto

Cutting Capacity: up to 800×1,060mm, Weight up to 10 tons

4 CNC Bar Saws Kasto and Behringer

Cutting Capacity: up to Diameter 520mm or Flat 620x520 mm

10 Conventional Band and Circular Saws

Cutting Lengths: up to 2,100mm

1 Carbide Circular Saw

Cutting Length: 1,060mm

Affordable CNC series and individual cuts for your cutting tasks
up to Diameter 540mm or Flat dimensions up to 1300mm Width.

Easy, fast, affordable! Please send us your inquiry!


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