Daido NAK80

Mirror-polishable plastic mold steel, fully age-hardened to 40 HRC. The vacuum remelting process ensures the highest purity of this steel. It is weldable with the same alloy, and subsequent warm aging creates a homogeneous structure with uniform hardness without a heat-affected zone.

NAK80 is used to produce plastic molds with large cross-sections and high demands for polishing. It has proven particularly effective in molds for headlights, bumpers, dashboards, and generally for molds requiring visually demanding parts. NAK80 is suitable for thermosetting plastics and thermoplastics. Fiber-reinforced plastics often require a PVD coating.

NAK80 is a branded product of the Japanese manufacturer Daido Steel. Gebr. Recknagel distributes NAK80 as the exclusive supplier for Central Europe.


Daido NAK80

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