Daido DCMX

Highly tough and wear-resistant matrix cold work steel used for cutting and forming high-strength sheets, as well as for machine knives and hardened guide bars.

DCMX offers outstanding performance in cutting and forming applications. As a matrix cold work steel, it combines high hardness for excellent wear resistance with high toughness to prevent cracks or chipping. Additionally, DCMX provides excellent resistance to friction wear and coating delamination.

The isotropic behavior during heat treatment ensures unique shape and dimensional stability in all directions, which is particularly important in multi-stage tools or fine cutting tools.

Machinability has been further improved compared to conventional 8% chromium steels, as this special alloy forms finely distributed carbides. With appropriate heat treatment tailored to the application, the tool life can be optimized. DCMX is often a more cost-effective alternative to expensive PM steels. It is also available in thick forged dimensions.

DCMX is a patented branded product of the Japanese manufacturer Daido Steel. Gebr. Recknagel distributes DCMX as the exclusive supplier for Central Europe.


Daido DCMX

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