VarioDuct - Hardened Adhesive Strips

Hardened and ground "adhesive strips" are commonly used for both new machines and systems, as well as in retrofitting projects.
VarioDuct is a standard program for typical adhesive strip dimensions, with a thickness of 4 mm , and customizable lengths and bevels on the longitudinal edges. Your desired length is produced promptly using cooled CBN cutoff grinding, and the desired bevels can be ground up to 2 x 45° per edge. Bevels are often added when the strips are to be glued into a milled groove in the machine bed.

VarioDuct is available in standard widths: 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, and 80 mm.

Material: 1.2842 / 90 MnCrV 8, fully hardened, 58-62 HRC.
Top surface: Fine-ground, Ra = 0.8 μm
Bottom + Width: Cross-ground, Ra = 6 μm (rough for better adhesive bonding)
Length: Customizable between 100 and 1,1800 mm (some widths up to 3,100 mm), optionally with end grinding.

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Designations of Optional Bevels on Longitudinal Edges:


Installation Example - Step:

Bevel E and Bevel G selected, Longitudinal edges F and H sharp-edged.

Order Example:

VarioDuct, adhesive strip, 40 x 4 x 1,000 mm, Bevel E = 0.5 mm, Bevel G = 1.0 mm, End faces ground at right angles.

Installation Example - Groove with Side Guide and Undercut:

Bevel G and Bevel H selected and Longitudinal edges E and F sharp-edged.

Order Example:

2 pieces of VarioDuct adhesive strip, 40 x 4 x 1,800 mm, Bevel G = 1.0 mm, Bevel H = 1.0 mm, 1 piece of VarioDuct adhesive strip, 25 x 4 x 1,800 mm, Bevel G = 1.0 mm, Bevel H = 1.0 mm.

Available for the following grades:


VarioDuct - Hardened Adhesive Strips

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