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EDM Blocks 1.2379 X153CrMoV12

Erodierklötze mit garantiert senkrechter Faserrichtung

Ausführung und Toleranz,

  • Thickness: +0,8 / +0,5 mm,
  • allseitig feingefräst oder geschliffen

Ausführung und Toleranz, hardened

  • Thickness: +0,5 / -0 mm, geschliffen,
  • Width + Length: feingefräst oder geschliffen,
  • Vakuumgehärtet, 61 +- 2 HRC
  • mehrfach angelassen, restaustenitarm

Cross sections 180 mm and 220 mm are discontinued items. Deliverable while stocks last.
Thicknesses 75 mm, 105 mm, 110 mm and 115 mm are discontinued items.Deliverable while stocks last.

Thickness 200 250
10099 €
Discontinued article. Available only while stocks last.


1.2379 X153CrMoV12

Cold work tool steel for the manufacture of punching dies, thread rolling dies as well as shear blades and hardened guide bars with large cross-sections

EDM Blocks

For production of cutting punches and heading tool