EDM Blocks
1.2379 X 153 CrMoV 12

Eroding blocks with guaranteed vertical fiber direction

Ausführung und Toleranz, annealed

  • Thickness: +0,8 / +0,5 mm,
  • allseitig feingefräst oder geschliffen

Ausführung und Toleranz, hardened

  • Thickness: +0,5 / -0 mm, geschliffen,
  • Width + Length: feingefräst oder geschliffen,
  • Vakuumgehärtet, 61 +- 2 HRC
  • annealed several times, low in austenite




Thickness 200
100 99 €
Discontinued article. Available only while stocks last.
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1.2379 X 153 CrMoV 12

Cold work tool steel for the manufacture of punching dies, thread rolling dies as well as shear blades and hardened guide bars with large cross-sections

EDM Blocks

For production of cutting punches and heading tool

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