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The ultra-modern tool steel

Toolox - the outstanding tool steel introduced onto the German and Austrian markets by Gebrüder Recknagel!

Toolox is a true material innovation in the field of tool steels and is offered as Toolox 33 - tempered - or Toolox 44 - hardened to 45 HRc. A comprehensive warehouse in Christes in the centre of Germany is at your disposal, e.g. for VarioPlan blanks.

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The innovative cold worked steel

The innovative cold worked steel In the area of cold worked steels, TENASTEEL is today's answer to the challenges of tool and operating costs. In the automobile industry, TENASTEEL is ideally suited to the latest development trends (greater material thicknesses, high-tensile steels, aluminium...) and to high volumes. With material properties between conventional steels (1.2379/AISI D2) and powder-metallurgical materials, TENASTEEL offers efficient and competitive solutions. It permits better tool productivity thanks to an increase in the service life of the active parts of the tool.


Defy the corrosion - not the tool!

Corrosion resistant tool steel and ease of machining have long been incompatible bedfellows. That's all in the past, now we have MINKOR®. Better boring and fast milling: made possible with MINKOR®. Deep cooling bores and complex milling work can now be done in almost two-thirds of the time. When using corrosive plastics, the selection of a resistant mould making steel is crucial to the service life of the mould.

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