CNC milling

8 CNC machining centres, e.g. Hedelius BC 100

  • Width: 1,000 mm
  • Thickness: 700 mm
  • Length: 4,500 mm

Work piece clamping with magnet and hydraulic vices, 55 kW main spindle drive, 30 piece tool changer

Modern CNC machining centres and experienced specialist staff, predominantly trained in-house, are complemented with high performance CAM programming systems for adopting your design data into our CNC programming.

Due to the optimum interaction of these three elements your work pieces are produced quickly, reliably and accurately. Whether it's on-off parts or series production, small or large volumes (up to 10 tons), we are equipped to meet your requirements.

CNC milled parts are produced by us from low alloyed steels as well as high alloyed, tempered or hardened tool steels. The right part for your needs.


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