Corrosion resistant tool steel and ease of machining have long been incompatible bedfellows. That's all in the past, now we have MINKOR®. Better boring and fast milling: made possible with MINKOR®.

Deep cooling bores and complex milling work can now be done in almost two-thirds of the time. MINKOR® corrosion resistance is comparable with 1.2316 or 2085 and it is likewise tempered to approx. 300 HB. Strength is between 950 and 1100N/mm². It's advantages lie in its very good heat conductivity, good weldability and high degree of toughness. At the same time, it is dimensionally stable and machines well.

Obtainable as the following products:



Plastic mould steel, resistant to corrosion, hardened and tempered, excellent cutting property

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