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1.2436 (X 210 CrW 12)


Chemical composition % C Si Mn Cr V W
2.03 0.39 0.39 11.49 0.11 0.78

Cold working steel for the manufacture of cutting, bending, press and embossing tools, punches, folding bars and knives.

1.2436 is a ledeburitic 12% chrome steel yet can be hardened by simple means. Machinability is generally unproblematic.

Tempering diagram
Hardness diagram: 950°C
Sample cross section: rect. 20 mm


Heat treatment diagram


TTT diagram for continuous cool down

Austenitisation temperature: 980 °C
Dwell time: 30 minutes

Hardness in HV
3...100 Microstructure components in %
0.9...20.0 Cool down parameters, i.e. cooling duration from 800°C to
500°C in seconds x 10 (power -2)
2 K/min...Cooling speed in K/min in the 800°C
to 500°C range
Mk...Martensite grain boundary


Microstructure mass diagram
Lk... Ledeburitic carbide
B... Bainite

—— Water cooling
------- Oil cooling
– • – Air cooling
1... Work piece edge
2... Work piece centre
3... Jominy sample: distance from front face


Austenitisation temperature: 980°C
Dwell time: 30 minutes


Dependence of grain hardness and hardening depth on the work piece diameter
Hardening temperature: 950°C
Hardening medium:
_____ Oil
------- Air


Obtainable as the following products:



1.2436 D 6

Cold work tool steel for the manufacture of cutting, bending and pressing tools and embossing dies as well as folding bars and knives