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Raw Material 1.2436 X 210 CrW 12

Full plates or blanks cut from plate
Rolled to EN 10029 Class C
Thickness in mm
2.8 3.9 4.9 5.9 6.9 9 11.3 13.4 16.7 22.4 27.7 32.7 43 53
  • We saw blanks to your specifications.
  • Bar steels (flat) can be supplied at short notice.

Send us your raw material requirements per eMail.

Attractive oddments you will find in our


1.2436 X 210 CrW 12

Cold work tool steel for the manufacture of cutting, bending and pressing tools and embossing dies as well as folding bars and knives

Raw Material

Available as pre-cut parts or standard sizes on request