Steel Glossary

Chemical Composition %
C Si Mn S Cr Ni Mo N
max. 0.09 0.40 1.70 0.15 13.5 1.00 0.15 0.05
min. 0.15 0.90 0.10 11.5 0.25 0.05

Minkor is a corrosion-resistant tool steel that offers ease of machining and reliable processes. It allows for nearly one-third faster deep cooling boreholes and complex milling work.

When working with corrosive plastics, selecting a resistant mold steel is crucial for the mold's lifespan.

Properties, Technical Data, and Processing
  • Fully hardened to 280-325 HBW
  • Good weldability (preheat to 100°C)
  • Corrosion-resistant (comparable to 1.2085/1.2316)
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Significantly tougher than others (Impact toughness ISO V-notch: MINKOR: 10-12 Joule; 1.2085/1.2316: 4-6 Joule)
  • Excellent drillability, even in cooling boreholes
Thermal Conductivity
+20°C 21.6 W/mK
+50°C 23.2 W/mK
+350°C 24.9 W/mK
Thermal Expansion Coefficient [10-6/K]
20-100°C 20-200°C 20-300°C 20-400°C 20-500°C
10.0 10.6 11.0 11.3 11.6

Specific Heat: 460 J/kgK

Deep Hole Drilling ∅ 12mm Minkor 1.2316 1.2085
Cutting Speed (m/min) 49 45 45
Feed Rate (mm/min) 35 20 25
Tool Life (min) 650 400 650
Material Removal Rate (cm³/min) 13.19 7.50 9.42
Stock Thicknesses (Raw Material)

Thicknesses for formats 500x1,000mm or 1,020x2,000mm

15mm 18mm 20mm 25mm 28mm 30mm 35mm 40mm
45mm 50mm 60mm 65mm 70mm 80mm 90mm 100mm
120mm 140mm 170mm 205mm 225mm 255mm 305mm
Material info



Plastic mould steel, resistant to corrosion, hardened and tempered, excellent cutting property

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