EcoPlan Precision Ground Flat Stock (acc. to DIN 59350)
1.1730 C 45 U in cheap short lengths

Soft annealed, tensile strength 500 - 700 MPa, Hardness max. 207 HB
  • Width: +0.5 / -0 mm
  • Thickness: +0.6 / -0 mm
  • Length: +0.7 / -0 mm
  • All around, also in length,
  • Preconditioned without decarburization
Ground Flat Stock according to DIN 59350 – What about that?
well-proven standard lengths
500 mm or 1.000 mm
favourable short lengths, 6-faces fine machined,
avoids off-cuts - Your shortcut to precision.

PräziPlan® 1.1730 C 45 U

Length : 1,000 mm  

EcoPlan® 1.1730 C 45 U

Price per piece including surcharges. VAT not included.

Discontinued article. Available only while stocks last.
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1.1730 C 45 U

Unalloyed steel for the manufacture of devices and machine components as well as base-plates and spacing strips – the standard grade for simple machine components

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