We supply the semi-finished product - you build the moulds.

Pplatten2 Don't waste your short delivery times on the preparation of mould substructures. We supply the components in Toolox 33, 1.2311 and 1.1730 directly ex-warehouse.

In the area of P-plates, we concentrate on the material Toolox 33. For this reason, P-plates from 1.2311 and 1.1730 are discontinued articles.

Toolox 33 also completely replaces the 1.2312. Toolox 33 is considered to be at least on a par with 1.2312 in all its technical characteristics. Toolox 33 is lower in distortion, machines better and is tougher. Nitriding and PVD coating are unproblematic options. Further heat treatment is unnecessary and is not recommended. Where a higher level of hardness /strength is envisaged, we recommend Toolox 44.

Available for the following grades:

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