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Mägerle high-performance grinding machine MFP 260
With our Mägerle MFP 260 high-performance grinding machines we can perform CNC profile grinding as necessary on your components up to 2600mm in length to the highest level of accuracy. You will receive an optimum quotation when you send us your contour data as a CAD file:

The hydrostatically driven Mägerle with its 75 kW spindle capacity achieves the highest degree of precision, particularly when using the very low-distortion Toolox material. The maximum grinding surface of the Mägerle is 500x2600mm and the maximum profile width of the grinding wheel 180mm. Reap the benefits of our first-class options for your demanding jobs. Due to the high power of 75 kW, however, simple profiles and track grinding jobs are very economically resolved.