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system DEINHAMMER standard linear guides -

Challenging the limits

Machine construction today would be unthinkable without standard linear guides. Despite this, engineers are constantly reaching their limits, be it with special environmental conditions such as temperature, dirt or corrosion or high level demands in terms of cleanliness or vibration damping.

system DEINHAMMER guideways provide the right answer in many of these cases.

The limitations of recirculating ball race guides are where the
system DEINHAMMER guideways start.

The system DEINHAMMER glides on metallic profile rails. These are produced as flat guides, round guides and swallow tail guides.

The adjustable gliding elements, manufactured form special high-performance plastics provide the outstanding technological characteristics which cross previously unknown boundaries. Smooth running, maintenance friendly and long life meet high level demands.

With high performance plastics in mechanical engineering designers have a standard component at their disposal which they can easily integrate into their developments.

These new components even function where previously no solution was imaginable in the likes of extreme environments and extremely demanding requirements.

Do you already have a specific application?

Then take advantage of our system analysis as the basis for a technical check and quotation.

We will be happy to advise you.